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Move To The Beet

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  • Apple- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Cancer, Heart Health, Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Immune System, Brain Health

    Beets- May Boost/Help/ Improve-Blood Pressure, Physical Stamina, Brain Heath, Inflammation, Skin Health, Detox

    Blackberry- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Blood sugar and insulin, Inflammation, Skin Health, Cancer, Heart Health, Brain Health

    Cantaloupe- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Hydration, Immune System, Skin Health, Eye Health, Heart Health

    Carrots- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Eye Health. Immune System, Blood Sugar, Skin Health, Heart Health, Protect Your Liver

    Celery- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Skin Health, Hydration, Blood Sugar, Inflammation, Arthritis, Cancer, Heart Health

    Cucumber- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Hydration, Weight Loss, Cancer, Blood Pressure, Skin Health, Bone Health.

    Dragon Fruit- May Boost/Help/ Improve – Immune System, Aging, Heart Health, Metabolism, Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, Brain Health, Respiration

    Ginger- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Blood Pressure, Circulation, Metabolism, Brain Health, Heart Health, Energy

    Grapefruit- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Weight Loss, Immune System, Blood Pressure, Heart Health, Skin Health

    Green Pepper- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Respiration, Inflammation, Bone Health, Skin Health, Cancer, Antioxidants 

    Kale- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Energy, Bone Health, Skin and Hair Health, Eye Health, Digestion, Heart Health 

    Kiwi- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Asthma, Digestion, Immune System, Blood Pressure, Blood Clotting, Eye Health

    Lemon- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Sore Throat, Cancer, Kidney Stones, Digestion, Blood Sugar, Weight Loss, Skin Health

    Mint- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Indigestion, Brain Health

    Orange/ Tangerine- May Boost/Help/ Improve Immunity System, Skin Health, Weight Loss, Bone Health, Heart Health, Digestion

    Papaya- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Weight Loss, Immune System, Eye Health, Eases Menstrual Cramps Prevents Stress, Cancer, Skin Health

    Pineapple- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Digestion, Immune System, Heart Health, Hypertension, Weight Loss, Muscle Recovery, Arthritis, Skin and Hair Health 

    Romaine- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Inflammation, Antioxidant, Anxiety, Induce Sleep, Cholesterol Levels

    Spinach- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Anemia, Arthritis, Cancer, Eye Health, Skin and Hair, Blood Pressure

    Strawberry- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Skin Health, Immune System, Blood Pressure, Circulation, Birth Defects, Bone Health, Metabolism, Healing Process, Eye Health, Cancer, and Blood Sugar.

    Sweet Potato- May Boost/Help/ Improve- Stress, Inflammation, Heart Health, Skin and Hair health, Digestion, Blood Pressure, Weight Management

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